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Welcome to the website for bo amor!

We are a small UK based survival minecraft server that started in the beginning of 2015. The server is run by myself, Bolli, and Goofy, with the help of our dedicated staff team. We hope you enjoy your time on our website and find the information you are looking for.

On this page we aim to give you a brief idea of what you can expect from bo amor, but if you want to talk to any of us or our players then, we have a Discord server. We use the Discord server to get our players opinions on proposed changes, ideas they would like to see implemented and to announce any updates to the server. You can use the link in the top bar or click here to join the Discord.

Spliter about

We are built on a group of mature players that encompass multiple different play styles. This has resulted in us trying to limit the amount of rules we have to ensure that players do not feel restricted whilst playing but the rules cover any important topics, and this means that fair play is still possible. Therefore PVP and raiding/griefing are enabled in the world, outside of claims, and no one would be penalised for pursuing this style of play.

The server itself features no world border and a new map since the 1.13 update. We try and limit our plugins to not impact the game-play too much but also want to add new features to really enhance the game for multiplayer. This means not only do you have access to typical commands such as /home or /tp but there are also some small quirkier plugins that really represent what bo amor means and stands for.